Educate Native Youth

Action Alert!

The 2021-2022 Indigenous Legislative Agenda includes 5 priorities: Remove Racist Mascots, Honor Indigenous People’s Day, Celebrate and Teach Native American Culture & History, Protect Native American Heritage, and Support the Education and Futures of Native Youth.

Please urge your state legislators to co-sponsor these 5 important bills today!

Nine Indigenous students wearing caps and gowns

Bill Details

Bill Name: An Act Providing for the Creation of a Permanent Commission Relative to the Education of American Indians and Alaska Native Residents of the Commonwealth

House Number: HD.1663

House Presenter: Nika C. Elugardo

Bill Description: Proposing a permanent commission towards improving educational outcomes and opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students. Broader impacts of the commission are the promotion of tribal self-determination by providing students with the opportunity to learn their heritage, languages and histories while preparing them for higher education.

Contact: Jean-Luc PieriteĀ