Educate Native Youth

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Go to the Action Network link to support five Massachusetts Indigenous-centered bills by sending this automated letter to legislators asking that bills be reported favorably out of committee.

The 2021-2022 Indigenous Legislative Agenda includes 5 priorities: Remove Racist Mascots, Honor Indigenous People’s Day, Celebrate and Teach Native American Culture & History, Protect Native American Heritage, and Support the Education and Futures of Native Youth.

Create a commission on the education of American Indian/Alaska Native students:
Segment from the 1/11/22 MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda Teach-In

Nine Indigenous students wearing caps and gowns

As a State Education Agency, the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education must engage in timely and meaningful consultation with stakeholders.  Representatives of Indian tribes located in the state are explicitly identified as stakeholders.  Research indicates the importance of a sustained focus on improving opportunities and outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native students, who have:  61.9% proficiency in English Language Arts; 52.6% proficiency in Math; and 42.4% proficiency in Science.

Bill Details

Bill Name: An Act providing for the creation of a permanent commission relative to the education of American Indian and Alaska Native residents of the Commonwealth

House Number: H.582

House Presenter: Nika C. Elugardo

Bill Description: Proposing a permanent commission towards improving educational outcomes and opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students. Broader impacts of the commission are the promotion of tribal self-determination by providing students with the opportunity to learn their heritage, languages and histories while preparing them for higher education.

Contact: Jean-Luc Pierite