Educate Native Youth

Action Alert!

The MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda coalition calls for individuals and organizations to submit written testimony in support of a bill establishing a permanent commission on American Indian and Alaska Native education. Below are the steps to empower you to effectively advocate for this bill. Please use your own words, as personal testimony increases your impact. Letters can be submitted via email.

Joint Committee on Education Chairs:

Sen. Jason Lewis:
Rep. Alice Peisch:

More Details:

Bill Name: “An Act providing for the creation of a permanent commission relative to the education of American Indian and Alaska Native residents of the Commonwealth.”

House Number: H.444 

Senate Number

House Presenter: Nika C. Elugardo

House Co-Sponsors: Russell Holmes, Jason Lewis, Denise Provost, Bud Williams

Committee(s): Joint Committee on Education

Bill Description: Proposing a permanent commission towards improving educational outcomes and opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students. Broader impacts of the commission are the promotion of tribal self-determination by providing students with the opportunity to learn their heritage, languages and histories while preparing them for higher education.

Contact: Jean-Luc Pierite