Indigenous Peoples Day

The hearing date for our MA statewide Indigenous Peoples Day bill will be on October 32023, time and hearing room to be announced.
IF YOU CAN COME IN PERSON: Sign up here: and we will send out updates once we have all the details.
Wear purple! Let’s pack the room!
Be prepared to stay all afternoon since there are other items on the committee’s agenda, but if you can’t stay the whole time, stop by anyway to show your support!
AND PLEASE SEND WRITTEN TESTIMONY. Here is an automated email to the committee members:…/we-need-your-help-to-get-an… 
You can use the language that is already in this, or you can customize it so you can talk about who you are and why you care about seeing MA celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day statewide. (Use any Massachusetts address when you fill out the Action Network form.)

An Act establishing Indigenous Peoples Day:
Segment from the 1/11/22 MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda Teach-In


Bill Name: An Act Establishing An Indigenous Peoples Day

HD.468/SD.268 (Barber/Comerford)

Please contact your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to support this bill!

Bill Description: This bill replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in the Massachusetts General Laws. Changing the 2nd Monday in October to Indigenous People’s Day acknowledges the harmful impact of celebrating Columbus as a hero. Historical accounts prove that wherever they went, Columbus and his men murdered and enslaved Indigenous People. The repercussions continue to be keenly felt even now. Indigenous Peoples Day replaces something negative with something positive – an increased awareness of Indigenous Peoples and a celebration of Indigenous resilience and survival, in MA as well as throughout the Americas. 

Please visit for more information about this campaign.


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